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Minecraft Movie Part 2 - Steve's Adventures Season 2 Episode 1 (Original Minecraft Series)

Minecraft Movie Part 2 - Steve's Adventures Season 2 Episode 1 (Original Minecraft Series)

Are you an Alien? Go to the discord here to find out - https://discord.gg/TAsNzhx
New Original Album Available now! - Oct, 2017 http://smarturl.it/TheJoshuaAlbum
Watch Part 1 Here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55zcsCoZcG8
►Download our Free mobile game "2 Dragons" - https://goo.gl/KDpOfw
►Factions Server IP: MineWA.com – Do you have what it takes?!
►Download our Minecraft Parodies - http://smarturl.it/DLminecraftable
Get 10% off your own Minecraft server - https://serverminer.com/?p=MineworksAnimations
Русская Версия - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQFlr_6fYQo

Thanks again for all your continued support! Making Season 2 of Steve's adventures has been our biggest/most difficult project yet, but we are having a blast making it, and have some really big surprises coming in the next episodes. We really hope you guys will like this and share with all your friends!

If you'd like to help us by just donating some cold hard cash you can donate through paypal! This is honestly the best way to support, since we can use it immediately to hire more help and speed up production. - http://bit.ly/DONATEMineworksPaypal

OTHER LANGUAGES: If you'd like to record Steve's in another Language download this and add your translations! – Feel free to upload Along with Video, but expect that revenue will be shared at some point. http://bit.ly/SA2Episode1NOVoices

Also if download our game "2 Dragons", please leave a nice review on the app store. It's our first game, so we hope you all will enjoy it. We made 4 new songs for it, and have been working with a developer for 5 months to get it to this point. We are open to feature requests so just let us know what you want and we'll do our best to add it!


Written & Directed by Arty Usmanov & J Rice
Animation: Mineworks Animations
Music/SFX/Sound Design: J Rice - http://youtube.com/jriceproductions
Rigging: Crisk Dentin –

Voice actors:
Steve: HamsterCow
Sam: J Rice
Forrester1, Frank, Jack: https://www.youtube.com/user/joshiiwuh
Forrester2(movie trailer voice): http://rosshuguet.com
Mia, Olivia: http://naomimercer.com

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